Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monty's Log Cabin


Happy hour 7 days a week
4:00 - 6:30
Free BBQ on Sunday afternoons

Wells: $2.50
Domestic beers: $2.00
Imported beers: $3.00

Julie's Review


Monty's Log Cabin is a true local’s bar and an institution for the San Lorenzo Valley. Located on Highway 9 just past the entrance of Henry Cowell Park, this is a great place to while away a Sunday afternoon. Josephine and I had popped in for a Bloody Mary after hiking the closed section of Highway 9 (take advantage of it while you can) and were pleased to see how beautifully the outside area has been redone. When we found out they have free BBQ on Sunday's we decided to bring the Buzz to the mountains.

The Lompico/Zayante Women's Social Club (LZWSC) regularly plays poker one Sunday  a month.  With all the nice tables and outside area we decided to have the LZWSC join the Happy Hour Buzz for poker and a happy hour review.

Monty’s has happy hour 7 days a week from 4 to 6:30 p.m. The wells are only $2.50, domestic beers $2.00 and are imported beers are $3.00.  Now that’s what I call happy hour prices!  There is no food during the week, but every Sunday they fire up the BBQ and have free food for the locals and this is definitely a local establishment. 

The LZWSC arrived around 2:30 which is well before happy hour, but the potluck was just getting started.  We were greeted by Lisa, the friendly bartender who is responsible for the beautification of the outdoor area.  The interior of Monty’s is eclectic, with lots of character and fun things to look at.  Many mountain bars have deer heads on the walls, but these deer are all wearing lingerie in very creative ways!  The one with the bra over his eyes reminded me of the “See No Evil” monkey.  There are humorous little touches throughout the bar.   I particularly liked the warning of “pickpockets and loose women” outside the rest room!

It turned out we had arrived on Monty’s birthday, so there was a larger spread than usual, including a beautiful fruit plate, deviled eggs, potato salad and some absolutely scrumptious homemade chili.  

It was great to meet the eponymous owner of this fine establishment.    He was friendly and welcoming and obviously loves his business.  When I found out the chili was made on site, I asked about  him serving food (the only down side of their happy hour is lack of food except on Sundays).  He explained it would cost so much to get the kitchen certified, that he would rather skip the hassle and just give food away.  What a great attitude!

He also said he wants Monty’s to be the kind of bar he likes to drink in and he has definitely created a family feeling, both with the patrons and the staff.  It turns out Monty's son; Robert was there for the occasion as was Janette, a long time bartender.  Everyone wanted to celebrate with Monty on his birthday.

 We dished up a plate of food and headed outside to a nice covered table.  By this time, Josephine had arrived.  The outside area is for smokers, but large enough that the smoke wasn’t bothersome.  There is a fire pit that is lit every evening with comfortable chairs around it.  The garden is filled with beautiful plants and touches.

One of the patrons had a macaw.  The parrot was friendly, so he climbed up on Toni’s shoulder.  She was a bit nervous, so I took him and eventually got a photo with Monty and the parrot.  The parrot is obviously a regular in the bar.  The bar is also dog friendly and when I went back for my second drink I met two local dogs Bubba and Madison who are also regulars.  I like a bar that allows animals – especially the four legged kind.

By this time it was truly happy hour and the BBQ chicken had arrived.  It was delicious, grilled just right.  I had a rum and diet coke and was quite pleased with the drink – enough alcohol to taste and only $2.50!  The gals had a great time, catching up on life, chatting with other locals and absorbing the atmosphere.  We never did get around to playing poker we were so entertained.
The LZWSC was saying farewell to Paula, who is moving out of Lompico and is off in her RV looking for a new place to settle.  Paula was quite happy with her margarita and happy to be with the girls this one last time.  She wanted to give her own review of Monty’s and commented that the service was excellent, the drinks strong and the bathroom clean!  She gives Monty’s a five shot rating and observed that there was “pixie dust in the air!”  The magic of a great happy hour!

Chris also liked the feel of the place and gave a 4.5 rating.  I think Toni must have been getting drinks, because I didn’t write down her rating.  Josephine and I never discuss our ratings until after the blog has been published, of course.
I loved Monty’s Log Cabin, it is my kind of place.  I like the crazy, eclectic ambience, the five shot service, the friendly mountain folk.  The prices can’t be beat and either can the free BBQ.  The only downside is that there isn’t food to feed your drinks other than on Sundays.  Still – I love this place right in my own back yard!!  

Julie’s Rating: 4.5 stars
Jo's Review

So Julie and I were walking on highway 9 through the area that’s closed right now for construction and after the walk we ventured into Monty’s for a drink. 

We got our drinks and went to the seating area outside to discover this loving outdoor garden. We enjoyed it so much and found out that on Sundays they have free BBQ and happy hour every day so we decided this would be the next review for us.  

Monty’s Log cabin bar is one of the best dive bars around.  This place has been around for some time now and has changed hands a few times; I remember it as Georges place when I first started visiting this establishment. The inside is covered with just about everything you could imagine. 

There are deer heads, and other stuffed creatures on the walls, lots of stickers and funny sayings and talk about when pigs fly, yes they have a flying pig. There’s the bar area and a pool table in the next room. 

The outdoor seating is the best.  They have a lovely garden around the perimeter with flowers and tomato plants. A middle seating area around a fire pit, tables with umbrellas and a nice covered section. With a water fountain and outhouse (actually it’s just a storage shed but it looks like an outhouse), this place has it all.

I really enjoyed the outdoor seating though, very inviting with all the plants and well shaded. There was a lively group around. We wanted to do the happy hour on Sunday because that is the only day they have food. Sundays free BBQ, what a treat.   

It happened to be a celebration as well that day because we were celebrating Monty’s B-day. I met up with some of the LZWSC Lompico/Zayante Women’s Social Club. Julie invited them to the happy hour; it’s always fun to have extra friends join us for our outings. We’re talking it up outside and getting thirsty so I head right in for a drink. Since I’m not a mixed drink kind of gal much I opt for a beer and check out the food spread. I got there a little late so Julie and the girls had already started eating.  What a spread they had out too. There was a big cooler full of BBQ chicken and on the table we had potato salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit and veggies and in a crock pot some homemade chili. I dived in; the food was good, very tasty. The chili was really good. 

Everyone was very friendly in the bar but they were giving me funny looks while I was snapping pictures. Monty’s son had this beautiful parrot and he was walking around with it and if you wanted you could get a picture with the parrot…..not for me but Julie did.

So happy hour is 4-6:30 every day, can’t beat that. I had a good time at Monty’s. Lisa the bartender came out and got drinks for us and Monty was even cleaning up around us. Very warm and inviting. It’s the kind of place where you just feel relaxed. Too bad they don’t have food every day for happy hour but time it on Sunday and its all good.

Jo’s rating: 4 shots!